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Personal coaching opens the door to Unlimited Possibilities

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Sharne Van der Burgh opens the doors to Unlimited Possibilities

Life should be fun and rewarding and working should be the means to deliver those rewards - yet many of us struggle in our business lives.

My aim is to enable individuals, organisations and companies to attain their highest possible levels of performance and sense of achievement, allowing you to enjoy the rewards of success!


Hi I’m Sharne!!

Welcome to your world of Unlimited Possibilities.

What I can offer to you is support on your journey to discover or rediscover a life of Unlimited Possibilities.

Combining my coaching work and my fitness experience and using my own personal journey as a compass to guide me – I can offer you support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration and challenge to make new or different choices in your life.

My passion is to inspire and enthuse you to live a full, happy and healthy life - enabling you to define success for yourself using your own values and the things which are important to you - your own set of rules and personal choices for your life.

The trick to happiness is to truly know yourself and to understand what makes you tick; to be able to honour those things in all situations and relationships and still maintain empathy and appreciation for the differences in others.

My own story has been an ever changing landscape full of ups and down – like anyone else – nothing extraordinary and I continue to learn and grow every day. What I have learned is that I have a gift to create space for you to feel safe and confident to explore who you are and what is important to you and to make decisions and plans which align to your values, needs and joys.

Sharne Van der Burgh opens the doors to Unlimited Possibilities I am grateful and honoured to have had some incredible teachers, mentors and coaches along the way and continue to meet people who inspire me and teach me, to be my cheer leader when I was down and help me find my voice when I couldn’t speak for myself. I will enjoy doing the same for you.

Coaching is an art and I will enjoy helping you create or improve on your own canvas to enable you to express yourself and achieve whatever success looks like for you in your life. I work with you intellectually, emotionally and physically – a holistic combination to support all aspects of you.

Call me or email me – I am always happy to chat to you if you aren’t sure what I can offer you.

Personal Coaching
"Coaching" is still relatively unknown here in the UK – but it is a very effective way to get some “me time”. Spending just two hours a month focussing on yourself might seem like a luxury – but it’s a really effective way to create some space to think, reflect, plan, ask for help, explore new ideas or just relax and step off the hamster wheel for a while.

You set the pace, you set the agenda and I am there to support you by providing perspectives and insights that you may not have considered on your own.

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Leadership and Executive Development
Leadership and Executive Development: Having worked for a large corporation for 20 years I understand what it’s like to relocate regularly, deliver goals and objectives, manage teams and/or external suppliers. The coaching I do with you in a business context is focussed on developing your professional success – developing your personal brand, improving your own performance, improving the performance of your team, supporting you in the development of strategies or approaches. Being a leader is a lonely place and it’s good to have someone in whom to confide, share ideas or be challenged – that’s what I can offer with my leadership and executive coaching.

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Business Relocation Coaching
Coaching to Support International Business Relocation: Although I was personally successful in a corporation for 20 years I also had an ambitious partner. This gives me an appreciation of the challenge and the emotional toll it takes on partners and families who have to “trail” around the world to support their successful loved one.

The coaching I can offer to you as a spouses/partners living out of your home country or even relocating back to your home country is empowering. We work on ways for you to settle into a new life and make a success of it and how to return “home” positively.

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Fitness Coaching
Fitness Coaching: Many people I coach used to enjoy sports or activities in which they no longer make time to participate. Many of them are overweight, stressed or just lacking energy and drive or stamina. This can negatively impact their lives not just from a health perspective long term but from a performance perspective today.

I can provide you with 1:1 support for your personal fitness. If you are keen to get fit – I can develop an exercise plan which you can do at home, in a gym or outside – I’ll talk to you about your fitness goals, experience of exercise, what you enjoy and what you don’t.

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