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Business Benefits of Fitness

Business Benefits of FitnessWhat being fit can do for your performance:
A Purdue University study of eighty executives found that those who exercised improved their ability to make complex decisions by 70% as compared with non-exercisers.

NASA found that participants in their corporate exercise program experienced improved stamina, work performance, enhanced concentration and decision making powers. 40% reported sounder sleep, 60% of them were successful at weight loss, 50% said they paid more attention to their diets, and many reported quitting or cutting down on smoking.

The Canada Life Assurance Company reported that 47% of participants in their fitness program were more alert, had better rapport with co-workers and supervisors, and enjoyed work more than those who did not participate. 63% indicated that they were more relaxed, more patient, and less tired during the work day.

Union Pacific Railroad found that 80% of its workers believed the company's exercise program helped to increase their productivity, and 75% felt that regular exercise was helping them to concentrate better at work. A study by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising revealed that 63% of the employees enrolled in their fitness program believed that it improved their productivity; 75% said that it boosted their morale.

Economic benefits of a corporate fitness program
NASA found that when compared to the average office worker whose efficiency decreases 50% for the final two hours of the working day, the exercise participants worked at full efficiency all day. This amounted to a 12.5% increase in productivity.

DuPont experienced a 14% decline in disability days over the course of 24 months. Savings due to lower disability costs offset the program costs in the first year, and provided a return of $2.05 for every dollar invested. The company reduced absenteeism by 47.5% over six years for its corporate fitness participants.

The Coors Brewing Corporation found that it got as much as a $6.15 return for every $1 invested in a corporate fitness program. Companies including Equitable Life Assurance, PepsiCo, and Motorola have all reported at least a $3 return for every dollar invested.

General Mills found that participants in its employee fitness program had a 19% reduction in absenteeism compared to a 69% increase in non-participants. At Kimberly-Clark, a 12-month survey of employees participating in the program showed a 43% drop in absenteeism.

Johnson and Johnson watched its absenteeism rate fall by 15% within two years of introducing its corporate fitness program. Participating employees had a 13% reduction in sick days while non-participants had a 9% increase. After three years, hospital costs for the firm had fallen by 34%.

General Electric reduced health care costs for members of its fitness program by 38% in an 18 month period, while non-members' health care costs rose 21%.

Business Benefits of FitnessAt Canada Life, the company average turnover rate of 15% dropped to 1.5% for those employees involved regularly in their fitness program. General Motors found that employees who participated in a physical fitness program had a 50% reduction in job grievances and on-the-job accidents, and a 40% reduction in lost time.

So – if you are a business owner, leader or manager – can you really afford not to be fit and healthy?



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