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Development Tools used by Unlimited Possibilities

True Colors®

True ColorsTrue Colors® programmes improve your workplace culture by training all levels of employees, from executives and managers to front line staff, to recognise their greatest strengths and create a more collaborative business environment.

True Colors® has been used successfully for over twenty-six years in business. True Colors® programmes foster positive, healthy, productive personal development that improves communication, teambuilding, leadership, morale and conflict resolution skills both at work and at home.

By implementing a True Colors® programme, you will see individual performance improved, workplace and personal stress reduced, greater levels of employee satisfaction, a more harmonious work environment, and more successful leaders.


DiSCAt its most basic level, DISC measures four factors of an individual's behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These are fairly complex constructs, and aren't easily expressed in single words, but they can be characterised as assertiveness, communication, patience and structure.

The real power of DISC, though, comes from its ability to interpret the relations between these factors. For example where a highly Dominant person has an equally high level of Influence, they will behave quite differently to an equally Dominant individual without that Influence. The factors combine like this to provide (theoretically) around one million different 'profiles' (that is, combinations of the four factors).

Using this information, DISC can be used to describe a person's general approach, including their motivations and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and some of the basic assumptions they make about other people. It can also go far in helping to predict how a person will react to a specific set of circumstances.


cpiThe CPI 260 is used for a multitude of leadership and management applications. It opens a new window on people's strengths and opportunities for development, describing individuals the way others see them. It builds on the exceptional history, validity, and reliability of the California Psychological InventoryTM(CPITM) assessment.

The assessment measures more than two dozen scales in five areas: Interpersonal Behavior, Social and Personal Values, Cognitive Needs and Performance, Personal Characteristics, and Work-Related Characteristics.

The Personal Skills Map®

The Personal Skills Map is designed to identify emotional intelligence in order to assist users to be more successful at life, school and work. It is also designed to identify and remove defensiveness to change, as well as to create a "buy-in" attitude which makes personal change and growth possible. The Personal Skills Map assessment approach is a positive and person-centered guide that suggests possible directions for skills training and learning experiences fostering healthy personal growth and development. The competencies covered in this assessment have been identified as the key competencies needed in a high-functioning individual within a high-performance learning organization and include...
  • Self-Esteem,
  • Interpersonal Assertion,
  • Interpersonal Awareness,
  • Empathy,
  • Drive Strength/Motivation,
  • Decision Making,
  • Time Management,
  • Sales Orientation/Leadership,
  • Commitment Ethic,
  • Stress Management,
  • Physical Wellness,
  • Interpersonal Aggression,
  • Interpersonal Deference,
  • Change Orientation.

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