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"Recent studies show business & executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organisation"
HR Monthly

"Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual, work and corporate values. Personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another"
British Journal of Administrative Management

In a recent study, a typical executive coaching assignment delivered an average of 5.7 times the
initial investment. Executives reported increases in productivity (53%), customer service (39%) and bottom line profitability (22%).

 "Sharne has offered me support, motivation and encouragement which have enabled me to recognise my strengths, set my own goals and achieve my targets. This has combined to make my life more focussed and fulfilling"
Small Business Entrepreneur

"Sharne has an excellent comprehension of organisational behaviour and the skills to motivate individuals and teams to take themselves to a new level of effectiveness"
Corporate Vice President

Executive Coaching

Turbulent, unpredictable, and accelerating change creates huge challenges for leaders in all organisations.

Can't see the wood for the trees?
Many executives find working with an external coach has a transformational impact on what they are able to achieve, both on a personal and corporate level.

Executive Coaching is an increasingly popular and cost effective way in which to develop Leaders and Managers within organisations. Why is this?

Coaching provides Leaders and Managers with an objective confidante (the coach) with whom they can share their concerns, bounce new ideas, review opportunities and identify strategies and actions which will improve performance.

Coaching - Business Benefits

Case Study:

Feel you're drowning when you should be cruising?

Thirty-one managers underwent a conventional managerial training program which was followed by eight weeks one-to-one executive coaching.

  • Training increased productivity by 23.4 percent
  • Coaching increased productivity by 88 percent
Source: Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bain and Richard E. Kopelman Public Personnel Management Volume 26 No. 4 (Winter 1997)

Research by the Manchester Group Inc in January 2001 found that:

"Executive Coaching yields return on investment of almost six times the initial investment in a typical coaching assignment."

"Companies who have provided coaching to their executives and their teams have realised improvements of over 48% in productivity, quality, and organisational strength"

"Executives who have received coaching have reported improvements of over 60% in working relationships with direct reports and peers, teamwork, job satisfaction and conflict resolution."

Research by Vision Quest Consulting 2001, found that of all clients interviewed:

  • 100% increased their ability to deal with business challenges by 75% or more
  • 88% improved their job satisfaction by 75% or more
  • 80% improved their ability to stay focussed under pressure
  • 78% increased their productivity by at least 50%

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