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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a relatively new way to support your personal development. Whether you are a successful business executive, new graduate exploring your career options, at a cross-roads in life Life Coaching can help you by helping you discover (or rediscover) what is important to you and helping you plan a future that is fulfilling.


How does the Coaching work?

I offer you an initial two hour session during which we will explore together your life so far to establish the patterns which make you happy, successful and fulfilled. This two hours gives you a chance to get to know me and decide if you would like to hire me as your coach. There is a nominal fee of 100 pounds for this session. After that we agree to work together for three months - meeting either weekly or bi-weekly according to your needs and using questioning techniques, I help you discover your own right path to the future.  


What makes you qualified to be a Life Coach?

In addition to my applied coaching skills as a manager within a multi-national Blue Chip company, I studied for a Coaching Certificate. This Certificate was awarded by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara in the US. This coaching school has a thoroughly researched coaching model. The studies require reading 200 books about adult development, coaching practices and other people development topics. In addition, we undertake practical coaching sessions with clients, write a presentation on a specialist subject and write a complete thesis on our learning. 


What makes you a good Life Coach?

Firstly I care about each of my clients individually and only work with people with whom I believe I can successfully inspire. Secondly, I am an excellent listener. Thirdly, I love what I do and inspire people with my enthusiasm and zest for life. Finally, I am a role model and live my life to demonstrate the concepts around which I coach.

How long does coaching take to get results?

How long is a piece of string! It depends on you - the client. If you do the work and really are committed to your own personal growth and achievement of your goals, you will see results quite quickly. As with most things - what you put in is what you get out.

What is True ColorsTM?

True Colors® is a communication model which is used to build self esteem and appreciation of oneself and others. Using the model helps individuals and teams better understand the way in which they communicate and how they can make the best of their relationships.

Can True ColorsTM help with team building?

True ColorsTM is an excellent team building method. By working initially with the individuals within the team to help them build an understanding of themselves and then working as a team to understand the different strengths of the team creates a totally different dynamic and increases the cooperation and effectiveness of the team or work group.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a way for organisations to develop less experienced employees and to retain their "intellectual property" held in the experience and minds of their more mature managers and leaders. The more experienced managers are established as the "teachers" to the more junior employees and the pairs or groups work together for a period of time to transfer business knowledge or build skills. 


How does the Cycle of Renewal help me plan my life?

The Cycle of Renewal is a map. It illustrates how adults develop and the cycles we go through during our life times. The ups and downs of life are clearly visible within the map and the coaching work we do helps you to maintain "up time" in the future and provides you with strategies to maintain a positive energy level and cope with change in a measured and structured way.


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