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Mentoring by Unlimited Possibilities can transform your business   Mentoring by Unlimited Possibilities can transform your business

Mentoring provides organisations with a structured way to transfer knowledge and skills to less experienced employees (mentees) by more senior or experienced employees (mentors).

Background: I was responsible for the Global Mentoring processes within Ford Motor Company Marketing and Sales within North America and Europe. Mentoring was used in a variety of ways with:

  • new hire managers to accelerate their induction and integration into the organisation by pairing them with experienced managers.
  • Specialist junior employees who needed to expand their knowledge of the wider operations of the organisation.
  • Succession planning through Group Mentoring with high potential individuals mentored by a Senior Executive.
I have experience introducing Mentoring programmes into other organisations:
  • A pan-European automotive supplier to accelerate the business knowledge of the junior managers
  • A UK based accountancy firm to enhance the retention of their newly qualified accountants
  • A pan-European utility company to develop their Systems specialists
  • A UK luxury hotel chain to accelerate their management development programme
  • A University Student/Employer mentoring scheme which prepared students in their 3rd year of study for a position in the workplace.

Mentoring Processes:

One to One Mentoring:
A senior or more experienced employee is formally paired with a junior employee to facilitate the transfer of knowledge or technical skills.

Group Mentoring:
A group of junior or less experienced employees are assigned to a more senior or experienced employee for knowledge transfer and learning events. Additional benefits are the peer coaching and cross functional learning which occurs.

Reverse Mentoring:
This process reverses the traditional mentoring relationship. A junior employee becomes the mentor with the specific purpose of providing unfiltered feedback to a Director Level or above leader.

If you feel mentoring would be beneficial in your organisation - please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. I can offer support to create and maintain a programme from concept to delivery, design and deliver the training, monitor and coach the mentoring pairs to ensure success.

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