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Physical Fitness and Wellness

Personal coaching from Sharne Van der Burgh can change your lifeMany people I coach used to enjoy sports or activities in which they no longer make time to participate. Many of them are overweight, stressed or just lacking energy and drive or stamina.

Our lives today are increasingly stressed and unfortunately we often don’t have an outlet for that stress – we might choose to smoke, drink or eat instead of finding a more healthy and positive way to release our pent up emotions.

We are still cave dwellers in terms of our emotions but we find ourselves in a space age world – threats are no longer sabre toothed tigers and woolly mammoths. These have been replaced by bullying bosses, unrealistic performance goals, unhelpful colleagues, poor management or just too many plates spinning in the name of “success”.

I know from personal experience the benefits of exercise. I have struggled with my weight and physical fitness most of my adult life - never making time to exercise. It was not until I was inspired and supported by a fantastic personal trainer during my time living in Poland that I finally got back control over my body and created a connection with my physical self again.

In three years I reduced my body weight by 32kg and I am fitter than I’ve ever been (I have a biological age of a 32 year old). I was so inspired I studied to become a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer to enable me to help you achieve the same kind of physical connection personally.

I hear GROANS…."oh no – not hours on the treadmill", "I hate the gym", "I don't have time for exercise" – yes I know – I’ve made all the same excuses. But we do have time – it’s easy to find 20 minutes a day to walk, cycle or just play with the kids – all of which is exercise and can be enjoyable.

I will work with you to find a way for your fitness and physical strength to return.

Personal coaching from Sharne Van der Burgh can change your lifePhysical fitness is important for both men and women – but more especially women because of the risks associated with Osteoporosis after menopause. And you 20-something’s don’t look away saying "oh that's years away". Yes it is but if you start creating stronger bones and muscles now – you will be young and healthy longer – it’s an investment for the future. It’s never too late to start to exercise.

Exercise can prevent coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, mild asthma, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back pain and high blood pressure. The body is an amazing creation and has a huge capacity for recovery – if we can help it.

"Never Too Old to Start Exercise"...

** The 75-year-old bodybuilding grandma **
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