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What our clients say about Unlimited Possibilities

"Sharne is an excellent coach, her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and will never cease to inspire. I have worked with her for the past year and have really benefited from her coaching skills and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop both themselves and their career." Business Consultant, E C Harris

"Sharne has offered me support, motivation and encouragement which have enabled me to recognise my strengths, to set my own goals and to achieve my targets. This has all combined to make my life more focussed and fulfilling." Small Business MD/Entrepreneur

"Sharne is an excellent coach who has provided me with invaluable help, advice and support during a difficult period of transition in my business. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending her to anyone in search of high quality coaching." Group Publisher, Future Publishing

"Doing things we enjoy is always more effective than things we don't. I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching with Sharne and in so doing I have gained a much better understanding of what is important to me. I have also come to appreciate how important my own values are to me both at work and home". Operations Manager, Balfour Beatty

"Sharne has been an inspiration - I have found the coaching of real benefit - both from a work and home life viewpoint (one Sharne taught me early on is that you have one life!) I am much more effective at work and home and am confident that the investment the company has made has been paid back significantly." Energy and Renewables Director, Thames Water

"Sharne was extremely flexible to adapt each session to any new development areas that came up during the period, while still building in those topics identified at the start. Sessions were very fluid and intensive. Sharne would challenge existing thinking and preconceived ideas, which was extremely helpful in broadening both my awareness and skill-set. Homework acted to cement the foundations set during our 2hr sessions together to ensure maximum benefit." Investment Counsellor, International Private Bank

"I feel that I have developed overall as a person from my coaching sessions with Sharne. I am much more aware of my goals (both personal and work) and now feel that I can direct these ambitions in an effective manner. Sharne has helped me consider the pros and cons of different situations and how to deal with key stakeholders. Sharne is very effective at getting me to answer my own questions by talking through different situations." Senior Relationship Manager, UK Private Bank

All the way through my coaching sessions with Sharne, I feel that I have had dedicated attention and someone who is working to my agenda. Sharne is very flexible to work with my preferences and she even provided me a reading list after I requested some suggestions. I have found the entire process very empowering and would be delighted if I could continue to meet with Sharne. Relationship Manager, International Private Bank

"Since I've started coaching I'm less stressed, I take a structured and balanced approach to every difficult situation and I manage to spend more time developing my people and myself than ever before - in short I think that in the world of work it's giving me an unfair competitive advantage". From a private coaching client

"You are one of the most energetic, most committed, and enthusiastic individuals I've had the pleasure to know. These qualities were demonstrated in all that you did and made you an exceptional leader and advocate for mentees and mentors in the program". From a mentee in a corporate mentoring process

"Sharne has an excellent comprehension of organizational behaviour and the skills to motivate individuals and teams to take themselves to a new level of effectiveness."

"The results were outstanding. She provided inspiration and guidance, increased team dynamics and productivity and drove organization change behaviour among senior management.

"A highly effective communicator with strong leadership skills, she maintained intensity and focus through the changes. She has a positive outlook and exceptional work ethic." From a senior director of blue chip corporate client

"I find you to be very high energy, very focused on me, the client. You are able to engage me, pull me out of my introversion and talk about what's really happening. You helped me to question how I was going about things. You pushed me to challenge the status quo, take charge, and not let things happen to me.

"I think you have the wonderful gift of being warm, interested, empathetic, while still keeping focus on what needs to change. Or, what is the goal. You are a terrific coach and you make it look like it's effortless". From a private coaching client

"You are so positive and encouraging which is very refreshing! I really enjoy working with you - it is inspiring to have someone who I feel is a kind of mentor/role-model for me and who I feel I can really learn from. Your confidence and enthusiasm is contagious and definitely makes me feel more confident and able to stretch myself further in my abilities. I also feel you hold the same values as me in terms of 'professionalism and excellence' - from the way you present yourself well; are hardworking, very motivated and self-disciplined and strive to do the best possible job. Respect!" From a Mentoring Programmes Manager at Anglia Polytechnic University after the mentoring training

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